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When searching for a traveling exhibition, museums, fairs, zoos, aquariums, galleries and alternative venues should begin by considering their available space. To simplify your search, EDG has compiled a list of our current exhibitions by size. Please note, nearly all of our exhibitions are flexible. We are happy to work with venues to find the ideal layout to suit your space. We have grouped our exhibitions in the following categories:
• Less than 7,000 square feet
• More than 7,000 square feet
• Multi-size models
• Flexible by linear feet

Exhibitions Under 7,000 sq ft
Van Gogh: An Artistic Journey
Pinhead: The Art of American Pinball
CUT! Costume & the Cinema
Pinhead: Flipper Frenzy
Sweet: A Tasty Journey
Rock U
The Animation Academy

Exhibitions Over 7,000 sq ft
The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition
The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
Pompeii: The Immortal City
Beyond Rubik’s Cube
Worst-Case Scenario: An Ultimate Survival Experience
Hall of Heroes

Multi-sized Exhibitions that can be under or over 7,000 sq ft
Expedition: Dinosaur
Dragon’s Quest
200 Greatest Paintings

Linear Exhibitions
Environmental Graphiti: The Art of Climate Change
Salvador Dali: Visions of Eternity
Joan Miro: The Garden of Wonders
Pablo Picasso: Form, Sign, Genius
Marc Chagall: Engraved Magic
Lost Amazon

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