In addition to touring over 40 of the world’s most exciting and inspiring traveling exhibitions today, EDG can also support you in developing a traveling exhibition or developing a traveling exhibition program within your institution.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships, our exhibition development and production team consists of curators as well as individuals affiliated with international museums and universities. This allows EDG to offer superior service to borrowing and lending institutions covering all aspects of exhibition development and production.

Applying the latest curatorial methodologies and the most up-to-date scholarship, EDG develops and implements innovative and educational exhibition concepts that cover a wide range of media, historical periods and subjects. EDG also collaborates with national and international institutions and collectors to travel their collections.

The services and products we provide include the following

    • Concept development
    • Content development
    • Curatorial, scientific, historical research
    • Market research
    • Market testing and evaluation
    • Exhibition organization
    • Project management
    • Project direction
    • Request for Proposals and contracting
    • Agreements and legal matters
    • Collaborator research and acquisition
    • Exhibition design – scenography
    • Fabrication and production
    • Lender negotiations and loan requests
    • Fundraising: grant writing – sponsorships – investments
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We are here to answer your questions about exhibition availability, bookings, development, tour operations, and any other traveling exhibition services.


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