If you have put time and resources into creating a spectacular event, exhibition or experience, allow us to help you present your collection, ideas and stories to an international audience, while generating revenue for your institution.

EDG’s full-time Tour Operations staff, together with our global network of first rate technicians, logistics experts and installation specialists, will offer you consistent and superior service. Our dedicated team will guide and support you as your project expands and becomes a global success.

We are seeking new projects and collaborations as part of our mission to promote cultural exchange and provide education and entertainment worldwide.

Tour Operation services:

  • Traveling exhibition planning and strategy
  • Conversion of temporary or permanent exhibitions into traveling exhibitions
  • Tour oversight and project management
  • Domestic and international logistics
  • Customs coordination: import/export, CITES permits, commercial invoices, immunity from seizure, etc.
  • Registrarial services: loan coordination, condition reporting, and packing/crating
  • Installation/de-installation services
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support
  • Exhibition remediation and enhancements
  • Insurance coordination and indemnity applications
  • Onsite operations, staffing, retail strategy and programs


Evolution Dinosaur
Giambattista Piranesi The Dream of Classicism
Colors of Rome


We are here to answer your questions about exhibition availability, bookings, development, tour operations, and any other traveling exhibition services.


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