EDG ignites and promotes cultural exchange by bringing exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture to a diverse audience worldwide. We are devoted to maximizing our clients’ collection and exhibition assets while delighting their visitors with educational and entertaining experiences.


EDG provides an unparalleled array of exhibition services. Clients turn to EDG as an expert resource and an advocate to support their mission and maximize their assets. EDG continues to build its global reputation through the development, marketing, and distribution of high quality traveling exhibitions and ancillary retail services. As the industry leader in exhibition services, EDG is the distribution point for cultural exchange.



EDG, founded by Amy Noble Seitz in 2006, was established to assist international museums and exhibition organizers with the placement of traveling exhibitions and the enhancement of exhibition initiatives. In 2008, EDG expanded its reach when it opened offices in the historic Georgetown district of Washington, D.C., to launch the global strategic vision of the company.

With the largest portfolio of traveling exhibitions in the field, EDG is recognized as an equal leader to leading cultural institutions in creating meaningful exhibitions that meet institutional missions and federal educational initiatives (ie. STEM/STEAM) while delivering sustainable revenue streams through the exhibitions, aligning with corporate and marketing sponsorship-partnerships, enhancing programming and retail elements to meet the diverse nuances of global cultural clientele and consumers.

With the support of the Mayor of St. Paul, EDG’s current offices in the historic Union Depot in St. Paul, MN will provide a unique public venue to bring their exhibitions to St. Paul, the Twin Cities and Midwest. Educating and entertaining more than 7,500,000 visitors worldwide, EDG has a bright future as they continue to lead this growing niche.


EDG staff and our strategic partners maintain accreditation in our respective fields. We hold membership in a range of professional associations and are affiliated with the following organizations:

American Association of Museums (AAM)
Asia Pacific Museum Association
Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC)
World Summit
Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM)
Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC)
Association of Midwest Museums (AAM)
The Curators Committee (CurCom)
International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE)
International Council of Museums (ICOM)
International Commitee for Exhibition Exchange (ICEE)
The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)
The European Network of Science Centres and Museums (EcSite)
Registrars Committee (RC-AAM)
International Registrars Conference
European Registrars Conference
Packing Art Handling and Crating Network (PACIN)
National Association of Museum Exhibition (NAME)
Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)
Traveling Exhibition Network (TEN)
International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection (IFCPP)
Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce (SPCC)
Rotary International


We are here to answer your questions about exhibition availability, bookings, development, tour operations, and any other traveling exhibition services.


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