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READ OUR NEWSLETTER LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EXHIBITIONS Toytopia The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes Masterpieces of the Mineral Kingdom Sweet: A Tasty Journey Spinosaurus Spanish Masters Electric Playhouse Travels SELFIE EXPERIENCE Samurai Salvador Dali: Visions of Eternity Rembrandt PRE-HISTORY OF THE AUTOMOBILE POPnology Pompeii | The Immortal City Rise of the Mammals Pablo Picasso | Form, Sign, Genius MARC CHAGALL: Engraved Magic, Between the Sacred and Profane JOAN MIRO: The Garden of Wonders Impressionists: Renoir and Manet DINOSAURS OF THE SAHARA GIAMBATTISTA PIRANESI Expedition Dinosaur Evolution Dinosaur Dressing The Abbey The Lost World of Dragons Degas Dance Lesson Colors of Rome ADDITIONAL POSTS Exhibits Development Group celebrates 500th member milestone for culturenut platform May 24, 2023 By Exhibits Development Group In Uncategorized No CommentsExhibits Development Group (EDG), a global leader in travelling exhibitions, has announced that 500 members have joined its culturenut platform, which was launched in 2019 to reduce cultural waste created by museums, theatres and edutainment producers. The pl...Read More Exhibits Development Group to premiere new Dinosaurs of the Sahara exhibition May 16, 2023 By Exhibits Development Group In Uncategorized No CommentsExhibits Development Group (EDG), a global leader in travelling exhibitions, has announced the debut of Dinosaurs of the Sahara at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio on 26 May 2023. This new exhibition comes from world-renowned palaeontologist...Read More EDG officially takes over Chateau in Rochester, MN January 7, 2020 By Exhibits Development Group In Uncategorized No CommentsEDG officially takes over Chateau Theatre; begins process to create a cultural destination City of Rochester chose St. Paul company [...]

April 2018 – Van Gogh and Pinhead

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS THAT WILL BRING A NEW PIZZAZ TO YOUR INSTITUTION  The Exhibitionists are thrilled to announce our latest game-changing partnerships, bringing you the latest on-mission and educational exhibitions that appeal to a broad audience of art, science, history and popular culture enthusiasts.  You want different, edgy, attract young and old?  We hear you... The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience celebrates the 20th anniversary of the internationally-bestselling Worst-Case Scenario book series. Selected by The Franklin Institute  to develop the exhibition, EDG and GMC+A bring the unexpected to life in a highly interactive, low-tech, educational and goofy way. From defusing a bomb to escaping from zombies, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience will help you get through each challenge and have you laughing along the way. The exhibition will appeal to museums and alternative venues seeking to engage children and adults alike. Van Gogh is designed for art museums to immerse children, families and young adults in the works of one of the world's most famous painters. Conceptualized by the Dolores Kohl Foundation, this experientially rich and multi-sensory exhibition uses modern technology and participatory learning to engage new audiences in Van Gogh's genius, his personal struggles and his artistic process. Pinhead  Calling all pinball wizards! Visitors of all ages will be captivated by the visual and cultural impact of pinball through the decades as they discover the art, history, science, physics and technological advancements behind the game. Come for the learning, or just enjoy the sights and sounds and challenge yourself to a few games with friends. Pinball is the revenue generator your institution has been waiting for! READ THE NEWSLETTER LEARN MORE ABOUT [...]

Discovery Communications and Exhibits Development Group Extends MythBusters Traveling Exhibition for Another Five Years and Expands Into a Global Tour

Explosive Fun Continues at Fleet Science Center, San Diego on February 24, 2018 Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, February 13, 2018 ( - Exhibits Development Group (EDG) and Discovery Communications, the world’s number-one, non- fiction media company, in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) and Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates (GMC+A), announced today the international extension of MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, which will end its first seven-year, 17-city North American tour, which premiered in Chicago in March of 2012 and concludes in Syracuse in January of 2019. Based on Discovery Channel’s Emmy®-nominated series MythBusters, the exhibition uncovers the truth behind popular myths by mixing scientific method with gleeful curiosity and old-fashioned ingenuity to create hands-on, interactive experiences for guests of all ages. In MythBusters, co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who supported the exhibition design and development team of Geoffrey M. Curley and Associates, take scientific investigation to exciting new levels by proving or exploding myths using their highly experimental approach and extensive backgrounds in special effects. Now, in the next generation and new series of MythBusters, hosts Jonathan Lung, Brian Louden, and companion dog Bo take mythbusting to an all- new level. “First-class science centers and museums have enjoyed the success and scientific fun of the first seven years, including our partners from Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL, and institutions in Columbus, OH, Denver, CO, Ft. Worth, TX, Santa Ana, CA, Portland, OR, Toronto, ON and more. Now, even more institutions throughout North America with MythBusters fans can host the exhibition. Moreover, the global rights are [...]

EDG and Destiny USA Partnership

Game-Changing Partnership Taking Place Linking Exhibits Development Group and Destiny USA January 9, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDG – St. Paul, MN +1 651 222 1121 SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, Date – Exhibits Development Group (EDG) is thrilled to announce a new, long-term partnership with Destiny USA, the sixth largest shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the United States visited by 26M guests annually. The partnership will allow EDG to bring to life four traveling exhibitions inside Destiny USA’s newest third-level entertainment attraction, “The Muzium,” in Syracuse, New York. Destiny USA’s millions of annual visitors, travelers and tourists will now have access to the incredible line-up of EDG’s touring portfolio. “Since our inception, EDG has sought to bring the highest quality, most impressive museum and art exhibitions to our audiences. Working with Destiny USA, we will reach an entirely new audience that may have shied away from going to museums,” explained Amy Noble Seitz, founder and president of EDG. “We are truly excited to embark on this partnership.” Working with Destiny USA, EDG has helped transform a 7,500-square-foot entertainment space into The Muzium, where four EDG traveling exhibitions will be featured back-to-back over the next several yearsEDG has supported Destiny USA’s leadership to design the world class gallery space and select exhibitions in art, science, popular culture and history. EDG is the world’s leading traveling exhibition company, known for organizing blockbusters including MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, Dressing Downton, The International Exhibtion of Sherlock Holmes and the recently released Pompeii: The Immortal City, which premiered in Brussels in December 2017. Its [...]