CultureNut Xchange


Exhibits Development Group’s latest initiative to advance international cultural exchange
– a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets


CultureNut Xchange received an overwhelming response to our launch in December. We have teamed up many institutions seeking specific items with those wishing to relieve their storage and warehouses of idle inventory and assets.


With our parent company, EDG, leader in traveling exhibitions and services, CultureNut is in a unique position to work closely with institutions around the globe, matching buyers and sellers for an array of products and assets being sold.


As the CultureNut website is developed, along with mobile platforms with the University of Minnesota, Venture Enterprises, Carlson School of Management, we will release e-newsletters with available products. The CultureNut platform beta-test will be launched at AAM 2019 in New Orleans and your continued participation and feedback is deeply appreciated.


We are seeking your idle inventory, including hardware, software, cases, conservation equipment, framing equipment and frames, tools, entire exhibitions, exhibits, and more for our next newsletter. Contact Lisa Schmidt at to discuss ridding the junk in your institution’s trunk.

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