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Environmental Graphiti – ART from the Science of Climate Change –  uses contemporary art to enhance public awareness about the science of climate change. Science, art, history and popular culture institutions have been looking for an exhibition that effectively communicates this important story.  Environmental Graphiti will do just that with a dramatic display that can be adapted to your institution’s message. In collaboration with the museum’s curatorial and education team, the series can be tailored to fit current initiatives or designed to create a unique stand-alone exhibition on this timely and compelling topic.
Each of the 60+ digital paintings uses as its “blueprint” a graph, chart, map, word or number relating to a key fact about climate change. Once viewers understand that each piece is derived from a key indicator or fact about climate change, they are intrigued and become more engaged with both the art and the underlying message.
Typically, the pieces are printed out large on light-weight aluminum, but there are various options in terms of size and medium to keep your exhibit varied and dynamic. And with more than 60 paintings to choose from, you can exercise a lot of flexibility in creating an exhibit with the size that works for you.
The art is vibrant and beautiful, delivering the message about climate change in a unique and powerful way. Art makes the science more accessible. Science makes the art more meaningful. They are a potent combination.
The Environmental Graphiti collection has been extensively exhibited, both in the US and internationally, at universities, galleries, conferences and other venues. The art is held by over 30 universities (some of whom have sizable collections), a major science museum in Toronto, and dozens of private homes.
“Each year there are over 25,000 prospective students and their families who tour Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability. They each walk past our new 18 piece Environmental Graphiti gallery and marvel at the impact of climate change graphs brought to life through the beauty and color of Artist Alisa Singer’s pieces. As a universal language, art draws people in and conveys the deeper context of climate change, where the meaning of scientific data alone can fall short. Science through art is highly impactful.”
– Professor Nancy Tuchman, Founder and Director of Loyola University Chicago – Institute of
Environmental Sustainability




Alisa Singer, founder of Environmental Graphiti, devotes herself to creating art to further causes she believes are important. Alisa was attracted by the inherently aesthetic design elements of scientific charts and graphs, and intrigued by the idea of using art to give them dramatic effect. She conceived the Environmental Graphiti project and created the series, The Art of Climate Change, with abstract images derived from the science behind the critical changes impacting our planet.

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