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Stephen Knapp, Risen Blue, 2004,
image © Stephen Knapp


. . . lightpaintings are unique tridimensional installations that produce a dynamic, unexpected explosion of color and light, expanding the tradition of kinetic and op art.

-Ella Fontanals-Cisneros

Called the first new art medium of the twenty-first century, Lightpaintings dispense with traditional media and narrative content.  They are formed at the intersection of painting, sculpture and architecture, their inspiration deriving from   explorations of space and dimension, light and color, and perception.  The resulting Lightpaintings are intangible, multi-dimensional compositions of pure luminosity.

 Stephen Knapp creates his Lightpaintings by using a special glass treated with layers of metallic coatings that act as a selective prism to separate focused light into different frequencies of the spectrum. Knapp cuts, shapes and polishes the glass in his studio to make a palette that he can use to refract and reflect light onto a surface and the surrounding space.
Individually tailored for each museum installation, Knapp’s Lightpaintings embody an inherently unique and wholly original form of art that integrates sculptural, structural and purely visual elements into compositions that transform their environment.

Stephen Knapp

“Heritage Jitter”
light, glass, stainless steel

40’ x 37’ x 12”

Heritage Jitter was commissioned by the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA to celebrate their Art of Glass 2 exhibit. The west facing facade makes a dynamic canvas with sunlight striking the glass at noon to create pale hues that move with the sun across the building, only to be transformed into vibrant symphonies in the dark of night.




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