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Judy Chicago, Queen Elizabeth, image © Judy Chicago


Audacious, fearless, courageous, bold, intrepid – DAUNTLESS.  Few words sum up the work of Judy Chicago as fittingly and succinctly. For nearly five decades she has questioned authority, confronted assumptions and defied social and artistic convention through art. From her early days as a student and minimalist artist, when her use of “female” shapes and pastel color compositions earned her derision from her male professors, to her monumental bodies of work that deal with issues no one wanted to speak about, Judy Chicago has dauntlessly led the pursuit of art that seeks to bring about positive social change.

Deemed a forerunner among contemporary Post Modernists, Judy Chicago is best known for her convention-shattering The Dinner Party, which is permanently housed in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. Internationally recognized as a pioneer of the Feminist Art Movement, her expansive series on the mysteries and complexities of birth, female sexuality, the iconography of (male) power, and the Holocaust have also established her as one of the most influential artists of our time.

Judy Chicago’s works continue to challenge and re-define conventions of gender, history and artistic media after decades of exposure in the public limelight and uncountable words of evaluation, censure, praise and critical acclaim.

Judy Chicago: Dauntless is the first retrospective of Judy Chicago’s ongoing creative career. Although she has exhibited around the world, never before have examples from her entire body of work been assembled into a single exhibition. Dauntless will include pieces from some of her most famous and monumental projects such as The Dinner Party, the Birth Project, the Holocaust Project, Resolutions: A Stitch in Time and Fragments from the Delta of Venus. These pieces exemplify the extraordinary wide range of media that Judy Chicago has explored throughout the span of her career and incorporate painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, tapestry, needlework and glass. Together the works assembled for this exhibition stand as a testimony to the fact that art can indeed change the world and that one person can make a difference. Judy Chicago is dauntless.



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