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A fusion of science fiction and science fact is realized in POPnology, an exhibition that celebrates and explores the greatest works of innovation and imagination in history. POPnology, an unrivaled exploration of popular culture’s ever-changing impact on technology, is now touring science centers, museums, and fairs across the globe.

The greatest, most innovative breakthroughs often have surprising beginnings. POPnology makes these connections fun, informative, and rewarding.
Guests will discover four featured areas exploring the science and technology in our everyday lives, where we’ve been, and where we’re going:

How We Play, How We Connect, How We Move, and How We Live & Work

POPnology will take curious guests on an immersive experience unlike any other; the exhibition’s interactive elements engage guests on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Guests will experience a virtual world with the Oculus Rift™ and have a chance to interact with robots!

AVAILABLE - Fall 2016 & Beyond
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POPnology is distributed by Exhibits Development Group and produced by Stage Nine Exhibitions


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