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The Due Return

is an interstellar, interdimensional ship; leaping from vortex to vortex across time and space. 

As a multimedia, fully-immersive storytelling experience, The Due Return appeals to children and families, serious art-goers, and science fiction enthusiasts alike. Spanning 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of exhibition space, The Due Return is a stand-alone work of architectural and sculptural art, and a transmedia narrative for all the senses. 

The exhibit provides a high degree of interactivity and discovery, with responsive controls throughout the engine room, laboratory, and bridge. Visitors are able to control lights, motors, sound, and video; creating countless moments for individual engagement while shaping the shared experience of the installation as a whole. 

A global sound system and intricate lattice of shimmering waterline complete the sense of an encapsulating environment, while visitors lose themselves lounging on the ship’s deck or speakeasy. 

Bunk spaces within the ship provide intimate encounters with the ship’s two-hundred-year story, told through the habitations and ephemera of its myriad crew. 

Visitors are also able to communicate with the multidimensional flora and fauna of the environment using a language of light. 

Multimedia and print narrative materials provide an extra degree of depth for visitors who want to dive further into the story of the ship, its journey, and crew. 


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