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Do You Have What It Takes?
It’s a tough job separating truth from urban legend, but the MythBusters are here to serve. Using real science, the team from the popular Discovery Channel® TV series does more than explain how something may or may not be scientifically possible; through trial and error, the team actually demonstrates it. Now, this hands-on, minds-on exhibition sparks that same creative MythBusting experimentation. This time you are the MythBuster!

Take a Look, It's Real, It's Here
The Blueprint Room is bursting with MythBusters gadgets, remnants of experiments and tables laden with original blueprints. Revisit your favorite past myths through this collection of original props, tools and our good friend, Buster, the ever-fearless test dummy. Via video, the MythBusters’ co-hosts describe the importance of curiosity, experimentation and how the scientific method works. Okay, you have the background, time to bust some myths!

Grab Some Goggles, This is Explosive Science
The Workshop walls are covered with shelves holding tools, file boxes and plastic containers that set the stage for your MythBusting fun. Guided via video by the MythBusters’ co-hosts, you conduct your own experiments: Can you sustain a tornado? Does that airplane conveyor belt thing actually work? Is there a way to make noise in space?

Busting It Up Live
A live MythBusting Demonstration Stage guarantees a few not-so-subtle explosions and some exhilarating scientific results. You’ll see that “The Bunker” is stocked with all of the provisions necessary for surprising experimentation. As an audience volunteer, you will be participating in live MythBusting demonstrations (performed by professional MythBusting facilitators) testing myths prepared exclusively for this exhibition.

Amped up fun with bangs, destruction and surprises are sure to blow you away! All in the name of SCIENCE!

MYTHBUSTERS: THE EXPLOSIVE EXHIBITION™ is organized by Exhibits Development Group and Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates in collaboration with Discovery Communications and Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.


Check out the Mythbusters exhibition website, www.mythbusterstheexhibition.com, to be the first to know all explosive details of the exhibition.

To learn more about Tour Schedules and Proposal/Pricing please contact our sales team at 651 222 1121 or email to info@exhibitsdevelopment.com.




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