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The Art of Climate Change

The evidence of our planet’s changing climate is clear and compelling. An abundance of charts, graphs, and maps illustrating the science can be found within any Google image search. The data tells an alarming story, but are we really paying attention?

Analyzing graphs and charts can be difficult, confusing and even a little intimidating, but artist Alisa Singer takes a different approach. She believes even those put off by statistics or graphic depictions of data might be drawn to beautiful, vibrant images. She created Environmental Graphiti – The Art of Climate Change based on her conviction that art can be an effective vehicle for communicating the facts about our changing world.

Singer was immediately drawn to the design possibilities of the geometric lines and shapes of scientific charts and maps, finding these graphic elements to be both compelling and persuasive. The impressive trajectories pointed clearly in one direction or the other: upwards to reflect the correlation between temperature rise, carbon emissions, and rising ocean levels; or downwards to reflect the melting of Arctic sea and land-based ice. The key indicators of climate change - including increased heat,intense storms, drought, famine, flooding, forest fires, and risks to the health of humans and other species, among many others - offer a wide variety of subjects to be addressed.

This collection of contemporary digital paintings is designed to appeal to our sense of the aesthetic while enhancing our understanding of climate science. Though the paintings initially appear to be abstract in nature, each is derived from an essential fact about climate change. A painting’s blueprint may be a chart, graph, or map reflecting important data, or a sketch featuring words or numbers to illustrate a key fact or indicator of climate change.


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