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Clyde Butcher, Redfish Lake
image © Clyde Butcher

The Monumental Landscape of Clyde Butcher

Clyde Butcher’s monumental photographs celebrate the beauty of the American landscape.

Their scale and extraordinary clarity set them apart as exceptional works of art.  In the tradition of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School painters, Butcher composes his works at pristine and untarnished locations across the United States creating arresting compositions that distinctly mark him as the foremost landscape photographer in America today.

The epic scale of his stunning black and white works enhances the beauty of Clyde Butcher’s photographs.  The exceptional size of his compositions – the largest being 5 by 9 feet – allows the viewer to experience the beauty of the site from an almost first-hand perspective.  Their large dimensions, combined with their strong sense of fluidity and movement, allow his work to transcend the static nature of the photographic medium.  Butcher’s ingenious photographic technique enables him to capture breathtaking detail within his images.

His unique vision and sense of composition help bring to life the 65 photographs in this majestic exhibition.


Click here to view Clyde Butcher's Story about America the Beautiful





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